Our Time is Now!

This past fall, PF Youth Alive has been privileged to work with some creative and inspiring young leaders.

One of those young leaders was Taylor Sponaugle.  

Though she started off high school full of determination, Taylor was soon caught up with negative friends and trapped by the party scene. She was a natural leader and had a strong influence with her peers, but found herself constantly influencing others negatively, rather than positively.

Taylor began to live as though her life had no meaning.

As captain of the cheerleading squad, she knew how to navigate life wearing a fake smile. This fake smile soon turned to regret and pain. One night, she recalls calling her mom from a party, because she did not know where she was or how she had gotten there. With tears streaming down her face, she finally reached out for help.

This was Taylor’s first step to breakthrough.

Finally deciding that negative relationships and partying were not enough to fulfill the longing in her heart, Taylor finally reached out to Jesus with her ENTIRE life. She surrendered everything to Christ and became plugged into her local youth ministry at Bushnell Assembly. Taylor also realized she was in a strategic place of influence to reach her friends at her local high school. With the help of her youth pastor, she instantly began reaching out to the sports teams at her school. This young leader saw countless peers come to Christ because she began using her gifts to impact those around her for Christ.

This past year, Taylor graduated high school and is pursing her calling to become a Youth Pastor.

You may have seen Taylor at an Empowerment Day sharing her story or walking down the isles to give every single person a high five. If Taylor were sitting down having coffee with you right now, she would encourage you with this:

“Across the state of FL there is an army rising up. Not just any army, god’s army. God is doing an incredible work in the lives of young teenagers across the state. I believe this generation is the generation that will change the world, a generation that is on fire for God and is ready to see him doing amazing things on their campuses and in the lives of their peers. We live in a world so obsessed with our culture and fitting in that we forget to live for our one true king. I have had the opportunity to travel and see first hand a generation hungry to do what God has called them to do and I could not be more excited. My prayer is that students will realize they are a beacon of light and hope on their campus. I pray they never lose sight of what God has in store for him and that they realize they are able to do immeasurably more than they could ever imagine.

I believe God still has so much more in his plans to do for students. It is my pleasure to help equip the students and help them realize their potential to fulfill their God dream.”


PF Youth Alive is looking for more young people just like Taylor who are passionate about loving Jesus and using their unique personality to reach others.

Are you interested in becoming apart of the Fall Youth Alive team for 2016? Email Natalie@yapfl.com to learn more and take the first step!

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