Counter Culture Movement: Dispelling Disbelief

Finding a teenager passionate about something besides their next Netflix binge or the reemergence of Pumpkin Spice everything is not the easiest quest on campus. The overwhelming nature of disillusionment, doubt, and general disbelief floods most of personal interactions and extends to my witnessing experiences. On my campus, the mention of a Biblical allusion in a literature course falls on deaf ears, a prayer are annoying words delaying a meal, and church is a location for select holidays and weddings. However, don’t fear the apathetic attitude of your peers.

Passion communicates through the blocks of belief basis.

Why do you believe what you do? Is God real? Why does God let bad things happen? How do you know it’s real? These questions are often greeted by intense defensive emotions. But how impactful is a student passionate and devoted to a God they have a personal relationship with and explain it is like talking about a friend.

Know Your Word

It’s interesting when people come up to me asking about random passages of the Bible. I’ve been asked why Paul wrote that couldn’t speak in church, what Revelation is all about, and the definition of sin. Ability to say this is what the Bible says, this is what it means to me and explore what it means for them is where the change happens. My friends and people I’ve reached aren’t saved by my Biblical knowledge alone. They are changed by experiencing the power that is contained in the Word. The Word that expels my fear. Expels doubt of disbelief and fans the flame of passion.

Light A Passion

Doubt breeds disbelief. Set your classmates at ease by showing them there isn’t a doubt in your mind about a God who saves. Greet them with a God who loves. Display his never ending devotion to His children. Your passion is the key to counter culture.

Written by:
Lacey Larson
Campus Missionary

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